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In 2020, my first book, "Left Behind: The Abandoned History of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area" was published through Arcadia Publishing. 


is an amalgamation of two of my great loves - urban exploration and the abandoned history of the Northern California Bay Area - and features images gathered over ten years of documentation visits with camera in hand.


lives a collection of visits, words and photographs from some of the San Francisco Bay Area's most iconic historic sites, such as the Drawbridge ghost town and the Richmond Shipyards. The sad fate of these bastions of a different era is what prompted me to undertake the creation of this book. Through images and words, I have tried to share with the world the stories and the perhaps not-so-obvious beauty of these sites that still have something to teach us about ourselves, our past, and our future.


as well as historical information and personal accounts of my trips, 'Left Behind' presents another side of the San Francisco Bay Area and brings to light eras that many now don't know even existed. I could not have imagined a better subject matter and a more suitable location to feature in my first book, and I am incredibly excited to share its pages with the world!

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