My Name is Manol

I am a photographer based out of the US West Coast and Europe
Ever since I first laid hands on a camera back in 2004, I have been enamored by the power of photography as a medium of creative expression.
I have a special interest in exploring abandoned places and documenting the remains of our disappearing history, and I greatly enjoy meeting new people, learning their stories and sharing them through my images.
I try to avoid categorization and characterization as much as possible. I simply enjoy exploring the world around me from behind the camera, no matter subject or setting, and capturing moments in time from the endless caravan of life constantly moving by.
In 2020, I published my first book, "Left Behind", showcasing the abandoned history of the San Francisco Bay Area, combining my love for photography and writing.
My inbox is always open, and I love forging connections through exploration, travel and photography. 
If my work has caught your attention, if you would like to collaborate, explore together, inquire further after purchasing or licensing images, or simply say ‘hello’, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
All Rights Reserved © Manol Manolov 2024
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